Tall Tales: Crushing Comparison

Who got the higher score?

Emma and Ai are just a couple of giantesses living their lives among a fragile little world that falls apart over their slightest interactions. So naturally they find themselves with many stories of times they've caused large amounts of destruction. Whether on purpose or not. Emma tells the story of a rooftop party she once attended that just so happened to be at roughly the same height as her (well-endowed) chest! While Ai tells the story of a time she went to pick up a treat. Only her snack wasn't ready yet. So she has to find a new, creative way to enjoy the ingredients. And there's an extra finale scene at the end where both giantesses have to deal with the celebrity that being so big naturally gives them. And the downsides to that same celebrity.

-50 High Resolution images rendered by Aithegiantess

-Each image rendered at 2560x1440!

-Story written by EmmaGear.

-Action! No time wasted on origin or set-up!

-Support Size creators! The project was completed 100% by Ai and EmmaGear and the individual stories were picked from fan suggestions.

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USD 6.00

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