Power Tripping

Three Short Stories in One!

This package contains THREE short mini giantess stories written by EmmaGear and Illustrated by a_raven72. The summaries for the three stories are as follows: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Emma Episodes: Disturbing the Peace - Emma just wants to cool off. It's hot, sweaty, and the beach is closed. Now forced to walk back home the giant woman decides to shed some clothing to stay cool, but gets accosted over her indecent state of dress by an overzealous police officer. Things quickly escalate from there and turn out poorly for everyone involved. Includes some violence, some chest smothering, and a little bit of foot stuff. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  Intensive Care – This one’s about an extraordinarily tall and strong live-in nurse who, quite frankly, hates her charge. He’s creepy and she’s convinced he’s not being entirely honest with her about his illness. Or anything, for that matter. She puts up with it until he makes a move he probably shouldn't have. When she retaliates without thinking, she has to do more in order to avoid potential future problems. Includes a bear hug, some violence, and leg scissors. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////  Nature’s Revolt – There’s something strange happening in the woods. Weird, creepy guys in robes are raising their arms and chanting in something that doesn’t sound like a real language. Luckily there’s a vigilante nearby who’s ready to investigate. Unluckily, there’s also a powerfully built towering amazon who seems to have little regard for the humans she finds herself surrounded by. Includes shrinking and vore.

3 Stories in One Convenient Package!

Each story contains 10 images, for a total of 30

Full-sized Text-free versions of the pics included

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